About Us

    VASTPROTECT is a leading manufacturer & exporter specialized in all kinds of non woven & plastic disposable products for safety protective and healthcare.  

     We have an extensive range of disposable items: caps, bandage, beard cover, hood, face mask, dust mask, oversleeves, gloves, lab coats, coverall, isolation gowns, visitor coat, bathrobe, beauty gown, apron, poncho, dust cover, car cover, cloth cover, overshoes/shoe covers, boot covers, bed sheet, antimacassar, examination sheet, pillow case, wiping cloth, washing gloves, bag, slipper, bra, briefs, pants, arm slings, smock, pastry bag, dental bib etc.

Contact Us
  Tel:0086 027 8278 2668
  Fax:0086 027 8278 2668
  Add:2213, No.226 Zhongshan AVE, Qiaokou Dist, Wuhan, Hubei, China. 430032

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